Periprosthetic Fracture Plate

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Prosthesis and revision femur locking plate

Periprosthetic Fracture Plate (Prosthesis and revision femur locking plate) is a part of the Titanium Binding System. Match with Φ5.0mm locking screw and Φ4.5 cortex screw.

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Femoral fractures, especially spiral fractures or those after stemmed arthroplasty, often need cerclage wire fixation to optimize the reduction of plate osteosynthesis.

Considering the excellent results already achieved in total hip arthroplasty, new implants must be at least as safe as currently used implants and lead to longer survival. The combination of titanium locking plates and titanium cerclage wire is a good option for surgery.

Till date, titanium periprosthetic fracture plate and titanium cerclage wires (titanium cable) are easy to use and are reliable for internal fixation and offer sufficient stability. Alternative devices such as cable buttons and others made of cobalt-chrome or titanium alloy are insufficient for strength and stability.

We call the combination of titanium locking plates and titanium cerclage wires as Titanium Binding System. This product in minimally invasive closed reduction and internal fixation of femoral fractures did not show any negative effects on fracture healing or the clinical course, compared to controls.

Titanium periprosthetic fracture plates have different stem designs and contact areas between the bone and implant. Therefore, the properties of primary and secondary fixation vary. Because of the growing number of different femoral stems used in clinical practice, there is no comprehensive classification system covering all implants.

But titanium periprosthetic fracture plate should be avoided in patients with poor bone quality because of higher complication risk. 

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