locking maxillofacial micro rectangular plate

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Design for maxillofacial trauma fracture surgical treatment, used for frontal part, nasal part, pars orbitalis, pars zygomatica, maxlla region, pediatric craniofacial bone.

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Material: medical pure titanium

Thickness: 0.6mm

Product specification

Item No.


4 holes


Features & Benefits:

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 locking maxillofacial micro and mini plate can be used reversibly

 locking mechanism: squeeze locking technology

 one hole select two kinds of screw: locking and non-locking are all available, probabilize the free collocation of plates and screws, meet the demand of clinical indications better and more extensive indication

 bone plate adopt special customized German ZAPP pure titanium as raw material, with good biocompatibilty and more uniform grain size distribution.Don't affect MRI/CT examination

 bone plate's edge is smooth, reduce the stimulation to soft tissue.

 different series products with different colors, convenient for clinician operation (adopt anodizing technology, different thickness of anodized layer will reflect different color).

Matching screw:

φ1.5mm self-drilling screw

φ1.5mm self-tapping screw

φ1.5mm locking screw

Matching instrument:

medical drill bit φ1.1*8.5*48mm

cross head screw driver: SW0.5*2.8*95mm

straight quick coupling handle


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